Words, the Word, and Wanton Wrongdoing

I was leafing through an expensive exclusive clothing catalogue today, lusting after things I can’t remotely afford and fighting the urge to start feeling sorry for myself.  They tell me that I can choose my feelings as carefully as I choose my words, that I can choose to refuse to feel bad. I suspect that […]


I discovered this abbreviation this morning in an article about a British 17-year-old who just sold an “automatic article summarization algorithm” to Yahoo for some thirty million dollars. When I was 17, I was earning 50 cents an hour as a babysitter, work that included washing dirty dishes that had been stacked in a dirty […]

God’s Toenails and Spies

Words are wonderful things. Gods are, too. I’ve always fancied a Grecian sort of formula, where a cantankerous bunch of gods vie with each other for followers and power, up to their necks in petty grievances and revenges and seductions and machinations and magnanimous acts of blessing. I can understand these immortals (they are, after […]

News That’s Not

The first day of spring – a new season marking another revolution around the sun and another resolution to lose the annual weight I pack on over the winter. The harsh rigors of winter are brutal here in suburbia. I need second helpings and lots of Cabernet for the strength to scrape the ice off […]