Bess, You Is My Vagina Now

The lilting strains of George and Ira Gershwin’s perfect love song have filled my head this week – updated to reflect the new language of our times.  Things have changed since 1935; our legislative bodies now define us by our body parts. We body parts should probably start playing the part. I Am Vagina, Hear […]

Tilley Hats and Blue Sound Tracks

“Oh, yes!  Yes!” (pound, pound)  “More!  Oh, that’s so good!  I’ve been waiting all day for this! Oh, oh, oh!” (pound, pound) “Don’t stop!” Husband and I tried a new “Encourage the Grown Children to Leave the Home” technique last night.  It might have been more effective if we hadn’t collapsed in loud giggles afterward, […]

Booby Traps

Join me here in astonishment!  I am about to defend the Barbie doll. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to do so.  But flexibility keeps us young; we need agile limbs and limber attitudes to handle those hard inflexible bumps in the road of life — like Barbie’s boobs. My mother wouldn’t have […]

The Covenant at ARC

I larked to my favorite thrift store last week to search for some perfect garment that would change my life and fortune and bring me ultimate happiness, all for less than $20.  It’s the seeking that matters, after all, not the finding.  I generally get a lot of pleasure from these jaunts. But it was […]

Busted and Gone With The Wind

A year or so ago, Son #2 got caught illegally downloading a movie onto his computer in the wee hours of the night – some silly sci-fi thing that he probably could have purchased legally for a song.  The thrill of Tech Piracy seduced him.  The internet account is in my name; I received a […]