The Thou Shalt Nots of Happiness

So my attention is caught by a list of fifteen things we must give up in order to achieve happiness.  They have me at commandment number one.  Number two is also close to my heart.  I begin to feel uncomfortable:  How many of the next thirteen will lay essential parts of me to waste? Nearly […]

Spring Things and Hope Springs

Spring is really as annoying as hell with its tiresome eternal promise of renewal and rebirth and unity and love. It’s too goddamned cheerful.  I almost prefer the foot of cold wet isolating snow that hit the foothills of the Rockies in the middle of May.  I’m not quite ready to face the wakening world […]

God’s Handy Work

When I see phrases like “God’s handy work” I think of Mrs. Helen (William “Pug”) Williams, who writes a social column for my hometown’s weekly newspaper.  Mrs. Williams lives in one of the village suburbs (yes, a village can have suburbs) and reports at length upon the comings and goings near her rural crossroads.  She […]

Beating the Bends

Invariably after being sucked into the vainglorious vacuum of Facebook I develop decompression illness and have to re-acclimate to real life in gradual stages to keep my head from exploding. Diving into Facebook is like sneaking peeks at the National Enquirer while waiting in line at the grocery store – you simply can’t help yourself […]

Rat Dogs, Road Rage & Refrigerator Magnets

“It’s to shield her eyes from the sun,” says the large scowling man with the little rat dog.  He is referring to the frilly pink polka-dot bonnet his dog is wearing, which perfectly matches the frilly pink polka-dot skirt that’s been tied pertly around her middle. Husband has just paused, all delighted, to point out […]