Turkey Necks, Terrorists, and Truths

“You’ll have to wait longer,” says the pretty little chicklet behind the Motor Vehicle counter, eyeing me warily.  “Homeland Security red-flagged you.  I gotta get my supervisor.”  She takes a vague offhand look around the crowded room. Now, I know that Husband, Son #1, Girlfriend of Son #1, and Son #2 all consider me a […]

They’re God’s Creatures, Too

Girlfriend of Son #1 says perkily the other day, “Gee!  My fish is still alive!  It’s been a whole year, and he isn’t dead yet!” I am good.  I clamp my tongue firmly between my back teeth and smile through the ones in front.  This benighted fish has been blighting my living room for a […]

Bite your Tongue and Pass the Velveeta

“Don’t you have a blog entry or something to do?” asks Husband, somewhat crossly.  So here I am. We are looking out the patio door at the wonderful jungle of an Eden Husband has created in our small stark square suburban backyard.  When he first started digging up the sod five years ago, I was […]