Power Plants, Power Trips, and the Powers That Be

More than two years after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, Japan has finally admitted what local fishermen, independent investigators, and everyone else on the planet (save perhaps our friends at FOX news) already knew:  hundreds of tons of heavily contaminated radioactive ground water continue to flow daily into the Pacific Ocean. The extent of […]

Oh Death, Where Is Thy Dance Card?

For most women, a poignant moment in their wedding is the traditional father-daughter dance. Or so I hear. I’ve also heard that there are in fact people out there who don’t live and breathe Guilt, who don’t lie awake at night running through a rosary of remembered Mea Culpas and who don’t wake up every morning […]

A Dearth of Mirth

“You really need to make time for some MIRTH,” says Husband, helpfully. “Oh?”  I say, in full attack mode.  “And just what is that supposed to mean?  You find me uptight and humorless and dour, lately?  You think I’m dying by grumpy degrees for want of a creative outlet?  You’re suggesting that I need to […]