“Open the Pod Bay Doors, Facebook”

“Your sister is waiting for you to see her post on your timeline.” Do I need this new personal pressure from Facebook?  They’ve already sent me an email telling me that my sister posted on my page, along with the text of her comment.  Now, they nag me if I don’t respond in their hearing […]

Santa, Shrapnel, and Stupidity

So I don’t remember my parents ever actually lying to me.  At least, I never caught them doing so, which amounts to the same thing.  I suffered the usual heart-rending Santa Claus disillusionment at their hands, but that was a lie perpetrated by the whole culture.  And, as lies go, that’s a good one; the […]

True Grit: Strippers on the Altar

So some evangelical middle-aged church ladies in righteous pastel polyester show up at a local strip joint bright and early this past Sunday morning. They are there to offer consolation prizes to the 20 or so exotic dancers who’ve been told at 2:00 AM (after working a long and tedious shift) that the club has […]