“Do not bite.”

A new Costco Warehouse is going up across town, and Husband and I (lackadaisical shoppers if ever there were any) have been looking forward to having it here.  We tell ourselves somewhat self-righteously that belonging to Costco will somehow be “better” than belonging to Sam’s Club, as if the Costco corporate empire is any less […]

Slop Bucket on the Bucket List

How is one to proffer a modest proposal about something as immodest as poop? I’ve long heard that rich innovative entrepreneur types are able to spot trends on the ground – as obvious as dog droppings — and immediately capitalize on them.  I’ve spotted one, by God, and it isn’t pretty.  But, with the right […]

Buckshot from Heaven

So where are all those guardian angels when you need them?  You dangle them from your car’s rear-view mirror, you buy gaudy God-y figurines, you wear 14-carat necklace wings, you send schmaltzy hellos with haloed greeting cards, you give Swarovski crystal-accented lapel pins to your loved ones for protection – and then you get shot […]