365 Days of Mirth!

Dear neglected MIRTH subscribers,

To atone for ignoring you for the past year (OK, year and a half), I’ll spend the next one writing to you every day.

I see you rolling your eyes. Stop that! My plan is to send you a smile early every morning, something short and sassy to counteract the encroaching chaos of global and national spite and stupidity.

How hard can that be?

New Year’s resolutions are invariably so tiresome – lose weight, exercise, pay bills on time, tackle those big boxes of old “to be filed” crap you’re afraid to dump, give up reality TV/pork rinds/fingernail chewing, write regularly to mother-in-law, limit liquor consumption, be kind to assholes, floss daily, etc. etc. etc. You’re beaten before you begin.

I wanted a real challenge in 2018, one that was impractical, brave, futile, silly, and possibly doomed to failure – just my cup of tea.

Welcome to 365 DAYS OF MIRTH!

I’m revamping the site, but didn’t have the heart to delete the rambling old MIRTHS stockpiled there. I still need to cull out the copyrighted photos I used illegally – I was a new and clueless blogger who chose to ignore such niceties. Lawsuits were unlikely, anyway, since MIRTH wasn’t popular and never made a cent (see, “just my cup of tea,” above). We’ll draw a big line for the time being and move boldly forward – something every new year applauds.

Since it’ll kill me to be brief and keep rants to a minimum here, I’ll continue to post weekly-ish on MIRTH’s sister website, WITH CAPERS ON WRY. If you subscribe to that site, too, I’ll find some sort of Major Award with which to reward you: http://www.withcapersonwry.com Suitable suggestions welcome in the comments below:

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