Day 12: Pinterest Ready Or Not

Can you hear the foul language hanging in the air? There, over that pan in the picture?

One of my flaws (I know you’re shocked, but there are a few) is a penchant for pride. While it’s odd for someone wracked with insecurity to harbor proud secret vanities, I’m here to tell you that it can be done.

A perfectionist with a knack for baking gets used to culinary success. She doesn’t always accept abject failure with grace and humility. She might even cuss and throw Bundt pans.

I could simply have bought a loaf of bread – I was contributing to a meal we were delivering to a colleague who’d lost a family member.

What a stupid euphemism! You don’t “lose” a family member, unless he is desperate enough to go underground in an effort get away from you. Family members die. That’s a different sort of underground.

But I digress.

Why buy when you can bake — and garner glory while you’re at it? I opted to make Herbed Cheese Pull-Apart Bread from scratch. I found an elaborate recipe online and followed it to the letter. I chopped herbs and grated parmesan and proofed yeast and kneaded dough.

It was a royal pain in the ass. It took all evening. But that bread was Pinterest perfect when I took it out of the oven.

I could not, however, take it out of the pan.

I wound up pulling warm gooey hunks out by the fistful, which I ate in frustration. Husband and Son #2 helped. We showed that bread a thing or two.

The bread showed me a thing or two in turn: Pride cometh before a fail.

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