Make Mirth

No sales pitch.  No kidding.

Have you been to a website – ever – that wasn’t trying to sell you something?

You can’t get this, either.

You may let your guard down at Mirth.  No PayPal buttons.  No T-shirts or coffee mugs.  No pleas for donations.  No self-published books.  No over-priced seminars.  No order-before-midnight self-help programs.  No advertising.

At least until Oprah discovers me.

All I want is your attention.  Bloggers are needy exhibitionists, after all.

Please subscribe!  

What does that mean? You’ll get an automated email whenever there’s a new Mirth posting.  You can ignore it just as you ignore all those ads for penis enhancements and mail-order brides from desolate third-world countries.  Your privacy is safe even from me; I have access to my (very short) list of subscribers’ email address, but not to their names.

You won’t get spammed.  I’m posting a bunch of stuff in these early excited days, but am bound to get discouraged and run out of ideas and enthusiasm sometime within the next decade or so.

Please comment!

You can even use a fake name and email for that.  Making you sign in helps prevent comment spam.  Even I am not lonely enough to respond to spammers who try to leave comments like, “High engaged blog many persons find this business much helpful I visit more soon find cheap shoes at my site. . . ”

It’s tough to work in a vacuum.  I’d love to hear from you.  I can even take criticism.  Not very well, mind you, but I can take it.  Husband lets me sob on his shoulder.

Please spread the mirth!

Needy exhibitionists crave an audience.  The very nicest thing you can do for me is forward my link to your friends and family.  It’s the ultimate compliment.  I’ll even give you public kudos if you let me know;  there is power in publishing.  I’ve noticed that Husband is being particularly pleasant these days.


Reach me at Missy@frankincenseandmirth(dot)com